The Standard Zoe Buckman Champ

The Standard – February 2018

Zoe Buckman unveiled her first public sculpture, Champ at The Standard, Hollywood on February 27, 2018. The Standard covered the initial impact of the project, hailing the piece as “a symbol for the burgeoning intersectional feminist movement on social media.”

A quote from Zoe Buckman reads,

“I love flipping the preconceived notions of material,” Buckman says when we sit down at her home and studio in Brooklyn. “We’re used to neon telling us something like where to go or what to buy, so it’s really exciting to me to take this material that really came to be in the ’50s, which was both incredibly oppressive and visually so rich for women, and make a statement.” What does her neon say? “My neon says, ‘We are here, we want to be seen, and we are taking up space. We celebrate ourselves and we are fighting for our rights.’”

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