" Buckman takes issue with that commanding voice, teasing out how patriarchal authority insidiously permeates our ideas of femininity and the ways we practically deal with women’s bodies... [Her works] get at ideas about the feminine — how it is a complex blend of that “soft hand” weaponized when curled into a fist, when imprisoned inside a glove, in those instances when a woman has to fight."
" [A] visceral quality translates across Buckman's use of media... And she addresses fraught topics: giving birth, eventual death; the attack on women's healthcare and Planned Parenthood; the duality in hip-hop's language; existing within a patriarchy... For her, it's about consciousness -specifically, raising it - whether that's through shock, confusion, laughter, silence."
The delightful, pastel and powerful Zoe Buckman, who pounces on the viewer with inexorable feminine observations. It is not just the pronouncement of intertwining the masculine truculent voice metaphorically channeled through boxing gloves..., which makes her work rich and incandescent in its visceral will to achieve the strength and fight of women, but to display that either one or many are powerful; unafraid to be netted together in unity. By the same token, this metaphor conveys the often beaten down quality that women face each day."


Zoë Buckman was born in 1985 in Hackney, East London. She studied at The International Center of Photography (GS ‘09) and was awarded an Art Matters Grant in 2017.  She has shown in solo exhibitions at Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles; Papillion Art, Los Angeles; Project for Empty Space, Newark; Garis & Hahn Gallery, Los Angeles; and Milk Gallery, New York. Group exhibitions include Camden Arts Centre, London; …


We Flew Over the Wild Winds of Wild Fires
Mother Gallery
Beacon, NY
June 25, 2022—September 18, 2022

By a Thread
Shirley Fiterman Art Center 
Manhattan, NY
June 9, 2022—August 19, 2022

Garmenting: Costume as Contemporary Art
MAD Museum of Arts and Design
Manhattan, NY 
March 12, 2022 – August 14, 2022

How Do We Know the World? 
Baltimore Museum of Art 
Baltimore, MD
November 14, 2021 – September 2023



Pippy Houldsworth Gallery
London, UK
September 2, 2022—October 1, 2022

Another Justice: Us is Them
Parrish Art Museum
Water Mill, NY
July 24, 2022—November 6, 2022