LA Hollywood Champ Zoe Buckman

LA Magazine – February 2017

LA Magazine calls Zoe Buckman’s CHAMP a “symbol of female empowerment.” The article published on February 26, 2018, goes into detail about the development of the piece, including Zoe Buckman’s inspiration and the impact that the CHAMP imagery has had and will continue to have.

An excerpt from the article reads,

“Buckman says working with neon was a natural progression from her studies at the International Center of Photography, where she was taught to think of photography as the art of painting with light. ‘I wanted to take my use of light one step further and literally use light as a paintbrush. I was drawn to neon because of that quality, but then I researched it and learned how these neon signs are kind of transient. They have a shelf life, and they run out. I found that so beautiful and painful.’”

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