Interview Magazine – December 2016

Interview Magazine interviews Zoe Buckman the Conscious Artist

Interview Magazine‘s Haley Weiss (photos by Victoria Stevens) interviews  Zoë Buckman about her practice, conceptual work, and consciousness raising efforts. The article touches upon new works and series, action in the present world, and a ideology behind her artistic and life practice.

Here is a brief excerpt from The Consciousness Raising Artist:

Now there are a bunch of different mediums in tandem in my practice, but each mode of expression for me is the right way to tell that particular story. So it’s not that I’m just fucking around because I can’t commit. It’s more that this story needs to be told through light; this story needs to be told by cold, harsh metal; this needs to be a video. And each discipline is very specific to the experience that I’m trying to create with that particular piece.” – Zoë Buckman

Read the interview in its entirety here.

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