Blouin Artinfo – December 2016

Blouin Artinfo interviews Buckman and Frank about mural project

Blouin Artinfo‘s Rachel Corbett interviews artists Zoë Buckman and Natalie Frank about their upcoming mural project in collaboration with NY Live Arts. The artwork, titled We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evidentis a large scale mural that will combine imagery of the female figure along with negative, sexist statements politicians have made about women.

Here is a brief excerpt from the interview, Natalie Frank and Zoë Buckman Create a Mural of Sexist Horror:

In the wake of this election we’ve realized that intolerance, misogyny, xenophobia, racism, and homophobia are reigning rampantly in both public opinion and the opinions of those in power. It’s awful, and not one of the above is more worrying or more deserving of attention than the other. When it comes to my artistic practice, I guess I make work that is simultaneously political and personal. I choose to speak from my personal experience and so that’s why I want this mural to focus on sexism and women’s bodies.” – Zoë Buckman

Donate to the project now on Kickstarter.

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