Whitewall Mag talks contemporary feminine art with Zoe Buckman.

Whitewall Magazine – February 2015

Whitewall Mag talks contemporary feminine art with Zoe Buckman.

Zoe Buckman’s current work, Present Life, focuses on the variable nature of life through birth, motherhood and decay as displayed on various mediums. Whitewall’s Katy Donoghue caught up with Zoe to get the scoop on Present Life and the story behind the exhibit.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Katy’s interview, “Zoë Buckman: Neon, Lace, and a Plastinated Placenta“:

Zoë Buckman’s solo show, “Present Life,” opens tonight at Garis & Hahn in New York. On view through March 28, it includes a sound installation; photographs; neons; sculpture in marble, concrete, and glass; and embroidered lace. Whitewall visited Buckman in her studio late last year as the works were coming together. We learned that the starting point for this body of work was the birth of her child and the unexpected state of her placenta. Buckman has a bright energy, and is as adept in discussing the work of contemporary artists like Sophie Calle as she is at quoting Biggie and Tupac lyrics. Over tea, the artist told of us about her newfound love of neon, how one goes about plastinating an organ, and a couple of wacky (but poignant) pregnancy dreams. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation, the entirety of which will be in Whitewall’s spring 2015 Art Issue, out next month.

WHITEWALL: In the Garis & Hahn show, in one room you have a dining table with a lace runner, and sounds of a family dinner and the ocean will be played. What was the inspiration for that installation?

Read Zoe’s answers at whitewallmag.com