The Huffington Post – November 2016

Huffington Post spotlights Zoe Buckman as an artist in the time of Trump

Zoë Buckman was included in a recent article by Priscilla Frank and Katherine Brooks for The Huffington Post. What It Means to be an Artist in the Time of Trump spotlights 21 artists and their expressions of their hopes, goals, and advice to fellow activists.

Here is a small taste of what Buckman has to say:

“As artists we need to stop making work only for gallery or museum walls, or the coffee tables of collectors. Rather, in tandem with these shows and pieces, we also need to make work for the people. For free. On billboards, train stations, public parks, etc. In order for that to happen, public art organizations need to be braver and stop highlighting work that is safe and decorative…”  Zoë Buckman


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