Flaunt – May 2016

Flaunt Magazine highlights multimedia and feminist artist Zoe Buckman

Amy Marie Slocum of Flaunt Magazine highlights multimedia and feminist artist Zoë Buckman. She discusses her influences for her series and solo exhibition Every Curve.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the article “Zoë Buckman: The multimedia Artist Discusses HipHop and Feminism

What is the right course of action when you are a feminist who loves to dance and you have to admit that ‘Blurred Lines’ is catchy as hell? What do you do when you love the music but hate the message? These questions and others are raised by Zoe Buckman’s most recent exhibition Every Curve, at Papillon Gallery in Los Angeles. The series includes 92 pieces of vintage lingerie with lyrics from old school hip-hop songs hand-embroidered on them. ‘If we choose to get up on our couch and start dancing to a Biggie track, then that’s our decision, and we’re owning it,’ Buckman says.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

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