British Vogue – March 2020

In her British Vogue article, Zoë Buckman says “They say grief is love. But they also say grief is a madness. It’s anger and injustice, the deepest agony and the most acute gratitude. It’s both unfair and inevitable. It’s fucked up and important and beautiful.”   Read more here.

Hyperallergic – December 2019

Hrag Vartanian says “Artist Zoë Buckman is a feminist, which permeates her work and life, and her art explores the world of contemporary art with a particular sensitivity toward issues of sexual violence, abuse, and gender identity, among other things.” You can listen to the full podcast here.

artnet News – September 2019

In Sarah Cascone’s article for artnet News, she states that Zoë Buckman’s “latest exhibition considers domesticity, women’s work, and the death of her mother.” Read the full article here.

Hyperallergic – September 2019

I once bled on the sheets of a man I hardly knew. Because he was put out, and I was ashamed — and for spite — I ordered a set of replacement sheets that cost half my monthly rent and had it delivered to his home. Read the full article here.