The Guardian Sept 2022

The Guardian- September 2022

“She writes rap lyrics on vintage lingerie and paints gynecological instruments bubblegum pink. Now, for her first UK show, the Brooklyn-based British artist is tackling the mental, physical and financial fallout from a miscarriage.” Read Chloë Ashby’s full article here. 

Financial Times 2022

Financial Times – August 2022

“Zoë Buckman is not a household name just yet. But if the past few years are any indication as to what the future holds, the 36-year-old Hackney native seems poised to become one of her generation’s most important feminist artists.” Read Rima Suqi’s full article here. 

Elephant – March 2021

“In an intricate new body of work, artist Zoë Buckman revisits violence in her own past in order to find freedom in her present.” Read Charlotte Jansen’s full article here. 

Whitewall – March 2021

In Pearl Fontaine’s article, she observers with Zoe’s “alter ego as its namesake, the works included in “NOMI” offer a continuation of Buckman’s practice of using found domestic textiles as her canvas. Viewers will find moments of power found in the acts of healing and expression, embodied in embroidered figures and text, a selection of …

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Observer – February 2021

“Often sewing her trauma directly onto fabrics, artist Zoë Buckman’s work always starts from an autobiographical place; for the London-born creator, art making is a meditative practice, one that helps her interrogate deeply personal experiences and transitions,” says Sara Radin. Read the full article here.