Artsy reveals the powerful space between beauty and decay with Zoe Buckman's art, Present Life.

Artsy – February 2015

Artsy recently covered Zoe’s art, Present Life, in an Artsy Editorial that probes the contrasts of beauty through decay, birth, death and motherhood. Artsy’s M.A. Wholey reviewed Zoe’s work shown in its entirety at Garis & Hahn in New York from February 24 – March 28, 2015. Here’s a brief excerpt from Artsy’s, “Zoe Buckman’s

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iD Magazine interviews Zoe Buckman about her art and photography.

i-D – October 2014

i-D Magazine caught up with British artist Zoe Buckman to get an insider’s take on her on-going artwork, Every Curve. Every Curve focuses on the female form through the conformity of vintage lingerie with the words 90’s rap lyrics from popular artists such as 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. sewn into them. Take a read of

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