Nasty Galaxy – April 2016

Artist Zoe Buckman featured on Nasty Gal Blog called Nasty Galaxy


An interview with Zoë Buckman about her artist practice and her series Every Curve by Sophie Pawlowski for the Nasty Gal blog, Nasty Galaxy.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the article “How Artist Zoë Buckman Reconciled Her Love for Hip Hop and Feminism

Stepping into Every Curve, artist Zoë Buckman‘s visually rich art show featuring vintage lingerie hand-embroidered with hip hop lyrics and chastity belt sculptures suspended from the ceiling is nothing short of a sensory experience…We spoke to Buckman about swiping Tupac and Biggie lyrics for her work, and the different ways in which women are portrayed and discussed in rap culture. News flash: it’s far from black and white

Read the article in its entirety here.

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