Artsy – February 2015

Artsy reveals the powerful space between beauty and decay with Zoe Buckman's art, Present Life.

Artsy recently covered Zoe’s art, Present Life, in an Artsy Editorial that probes the contrasts of beauty through decay, birth, death and motherhood. Artsy’s M.A. Wholey reviewed Zoe’s work shown in its entirety at Garis & Hahn in New York from February 24 – March 28, 2015.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Artsy’s, “Zoe Buckman’s Plastinated Placenta Probes the Beauty of Birth“:

A prominent but ephemeral symbol of fertility, the placenta is central to Buckman’s current exhibition at Garis & Hahn. For Untitled 9 (Present Life) (2013), Buckman preserved the organ for perpetuity, honoring it as a life-giving entity. The placenta’s organic beauty is clearly visible in this work, veins extend throughout it like tree limbs, the thick umbilical cord resembling a sturdy trunk.

The placenta appears again in Untitled 7 (Present Life) (2013), outlined in pink neon—alive, glowing, and somewhat reminiscent of a brain. Another neon light sculpture in the show takes on the shape of an hourglass, the simplest expression of the female form and also an infinite loop, evoking the themes of time and femininity again.

Read the conclusion to the article and view close-ups of Zoe’s Present Life artwork at

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