The Creators Project – July 2016

Zoe Buckman's Champ featured in Vice's coverage on For Freedoms Super PAC

Chantel Simpson and Antwaun Sargent of Vice‘s  The Creators Project feature Zoë Buckman’s Champ in an article and video highlighting the artist-run Super PAC For Freedoms and its recent exhibition at Jack Shainman Gallery, NYC.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the article “The First-Ever Artist-Run Super PAC Wants Your Vote

‘The mission of this PAC is to try and affect the outcome of an election. We want to activate fine artists and fine artists’ work to affect the discourse around this election. We want the work to spark and elevate the conversations away from good-bad, right-left, black and white in thinking about the complicated issues that affect us all.’

The exhibition, features work by more than 40 artists… The works explore some of the most politically charged issues shaping the 2016 presidential election.”

Watch the video and read the article in its entirety here.

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