The LA Times – March 2018

Zoe Buckman Champ LA Times Los Angeles Hollywood

The LA Times covered the opening of Zoe Buckman’s CHAMP on Sunset Boulevard. The Times particularly focused on the efforts of alice + olivia that allowed CHAMP to happen. An excerpt reads,

“Bendet was sold after the initial meeting and went on to also create T-shirts, totes and sweatshirts around the work, now being sold in her stores as means of furthering the conversation about female empowerment. The pieces are priced from $95 to $275.

‘Alice + Olivia, we’re such vocal supporters and proponents of everything regarding female empowerment, feminism. It’s what our brand is about. My office is 400 women, a brand that’s designed by women for women,’ Bendet said of her decision to support the project. ‘To me, it was such a no brainer. How often in your life, your career do you have the opportunity to, A, help a friend whose an artist and, B, sponsor a 43-foot tall uterus on Sunset Boulevard?'”