Inside Zoe Buckman's Art Studio with Out There NYC blog.

Maria Brito – June 2014


Inside Zoe Buckman's Art Studio with Out There NYC blog.

Get an exclusive peak inside Zoe’s top floor East Village studio in New York where photography, sculpture, embroidery and neon are expertly engineered into various forms of art. Maria Gabriela Brito sat down with Zoe to discuss her current projects: Present Life and Every Curve.

Here a brief excerpt from “Hip Hop, Curves and Flowers in Zoe Buckman’s Studio“:

I always have an elated feeling when I get to see the work of an emerging artist that is really promising.  I fully subscribe to the words that I have said time and again: I never get bored or jaded of the art world, there is always someone doing something amazing. Zoe Buckman is one of those artists that elicited my curiosity and whose studio visit didn’t disappoint.

Nested on the top floor of an East Village townhouse, Buckman’s studio is bright and airy and feels energetically right.  My first 10-second recognition overview glances primarily at one the neon pieces on the wall (it shows a pink placenta, even when the pictures here don’t tell 100% the truth about the color, it is pink) and Zoe, who is positively engaging, takes the placenta on the other side of the room (this one, her own which has been plasticized in Germany for a period of nine months and it’s now encapsulated around a heavy marble case) as the starting point of our time together.

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