Mission Mag Zoe Buckman Champ

Mission Magazine – February 2018

Mission Magazine covers Zoe Buckman’s work and inspiration from the Mostly It’s Just Uncomfortable series to her latest in Let Her Rave. The interview highlights Zoe’s personal transformation as an artist alongside developments in her work. An excerpt from the article reads,

“One, Buckman is intent on using her experience as a woman in the world to serve as inspiration for her art. Two, she is not afraid to push the bounds of convention to elicit a strong reaction. It’s no secret that our society tends to organize thought into binaries: soft/hard, weak/strong, girl/boy. Softness is seen as the antithesis of strength, fragility does not go with masculinity, and vulnerability is countered by power. Similarly, strength and femininity are often posed as complete opposites. Women, however, know that this view is far from reality – and Zoe Buckman is here to reveal the truth. By highlighting how much more nuanced femininity can be, Buckman’s work forces us to be conscious of the gendered notions we use to understand each other and ourselves.”

Read the full article here.