The Huffington Post – April 2016

Huffington Post Writes about Zoe Buckman's series Every Curve

Priscilla Frank of The Huffington Post writes about Zoë Buckman and her internal battle with Feminism and Hip-Hop which inspired her series and exhibition Every Curve.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the article “Feminist Artist Embroidered Rap Lyrics Onto Lingerie To Start A Conversation

It would be nice if all of our passions corresponded neatly with our ideals. Then all of our convictions, rituals, turn ons and hobbies could fit easily into a single, orderly box, with no stray quirks or preferences. Alas, life is sloppy and complex and so are we. As a result, sometimes our beliefs and our interests can butt heads, leading to an internal struggle that’s hard to qualify and comprehend. 

Just ask artist Zoë Buckman, who, for years, has been engaged in a brutal interior battle between who she describes as “Zoe the feminist” and “Zoe the hip-hop lover.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

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