Avenue Magazine features Zoe Buckman in Art It Girl

Avenue – November 2017

Avenue Magazine featured Zoe Buckman in their article on a generation of current female artists. The article focuses on women who disrupt the status quo with their involvement in the art world, using their strong voices to express timely statements about women and marginalized groups.

The article calls Zoe Buckman one of these voices. An excerpt reads, “Today, Buckman is acclaimed for her uncompromisingly feminist art. Her most famous, piece, Champ, part of a series called “Mostly, It’s Just Uncomfortable,” features a neon-light uterus with boxing gloves in place of the ovaries. Growing up with two brothers, Buckman had a childhood defined by more traditionally masculine activities, and the contradiction inherent in that is an important motivator for her work. “I find myself drawn to testosterone-heavy arenas, like the boxing gym or the basketball court. In my work, I try to use materials that embody that divide.” It’s a strong, timely vision of female empowerment, one that will seem even timelier when it appears next year in a 43-foot high incarnation on L.A.’s Sunset Strip.”

Read the article in it’s entirety here.